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The Ghost #75053

The Ghost

Released in August 2014 and Sold for $89.99  This set has since been discontinued and is now hard to find.

The Ghost from Lego® is an enjoyable build.  It is from the Star Wars™ Rebels line  At 929 pieces; 4 minifigures, 6 bags, 2 booklets, and a sheet of stickers it took some time to put together.  Granted I built it with my 4 1/2 year old son, who I am not allowed to build Lego® without him so that can be time consuming.  With 6 bags I was able to stretch this build over a 6 day build period.  With this build after 1 bag my son was done for the day.   Which does in a way help out the wallet when it comes to buying these sets.  There was an exclusive found at ToysRUs that had both The Ghost  and The Phantom together in the same box.

This set came with 4 new mini figures:

Zeb Orrelios- This appears to be the only set that this figure is currently found in.
Hera Syndulla- This figure was recently released in a microfighter version of this set.
Kanan Jarrus- This figure has also been found in a few other sets that were released around the same time.  There is a noted variant figure for Kanan.  Some sets were released with a brown hair version and other sets a black hair version. (seen below)
StormTrooper- This figure will probably be the typical StormTrooper found with the Rebels line.

kanan-jarrus-variants Photo credit:www.hothbricks.com


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 Ease of Build:
I can see why this was placed in the 9-14 age range.  There were some tight spots to work in which connecting parts of the ship.  There were a couple times I had to retrace my steps because I missed a piece.  Thankfully that was figured out sooner than later.  The build is over two books and for the most part everything is displayed quite well, however there is a photo or two that requires you to look harder than you should to find the pieces home.

Can I Play with It:
For the most part you should have no trouble playing with this set once it is built.  There are a lot of moveable parts to it; the 4 wings move independently, the two cockpits (one slides out), the top gunner seat, the gun on the front bottom, Two front compartments beside the cockpits (weapon storage), cargo bay below, and two escape pods.

Couple cons I found; there are a few pieces that fall off easily if mishandled.  The top gunner is not connected to the ship, so if your Ghost were to do a loop-to-loop  chances are you will lose that piece.  While the escape pods stay secure to the ship once they are loose there is nothing connecting the top and bottom pieces.

Spring-Loaded Missiles are always great!

I bought it for my collection!  With that said I also purchased this as a birthday present for my son.  So I was justified in spending the $89.99 for it.  Also it was during the May the 4th be with you and I wanted to get an extra Admiral Yularen figure.

What really hurts my feelings is the fact that I found this pre Christmas on sale at Walmart at $45.00, then a week later it was marked half off that.  In reality I probably should have picked up a 2nd or 3rd one.

Overall, I think this is a great set.  Plus the fact that you can get The Phantom 75048 and it docks with this ship as sene in the cartoons.  You are getting that .10 cent a piece value found in purchasing Lego®.  You do get some nice new minifigures in the set.  However I would have like to seen Sabine Wren in the set as well if not in place of the StormTrooper.   My son loves it and played with it for a couple hours post build with no breaking taking place.  It is a heavier set, which will only be heavier when placed with The Phantom.   I really enjoy all the moveable parts.  I think it is a good resemblance of the ship found in the cartoons.