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Double VIP Points- & Lego Stores



Looks like tomorrow starts a mini event for double points with your Lego VIP membership.  If you can resist the urge save any purchases for tomorrow(October 1st) thru the 14th of October.  Also looks like this if for the US only at this point and on the 14th of October it will be double points for UK crowd, possible other European countries.

Great way to save up for those big purchases and to get some freebies.  If you have not already signed up for one, you need to go to the Lego website and get yourself a VIP card.

Word of advice it does take some time to actually receive your card in the mail, however the Lego Stores can look up your information and you are issued a VIP number via email that you can use online until your card arrives.

Happy Shopping!


Update 10.7.15 Original post stated the double points ended on the 4th of October when in fact it ends on the 14th of October for US residents.